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b. 1962, works and lives in Shanghai
electric fan, customized blade, controller
(in 12 pieces) | size 1 Diameter:80.0 (x 2 pieces) | size 2 Diameter:100.0 (x 2 pieces) | size 3 Diameter:120.0 (x 2 pieces) | size 4 Diameter:140.0 (x 2 pieces) | size 5 Diameter:160.0 (x 2 pieces) | size 6 Diameter:180.0 (x 2 pieces)

Ding Yi’s solo exhibition “Cross Galaxies” opened in Shenzhen MoCAUP in August 2023. The challenge of the exhibition comes not only from the huge volume of the museum, but also from the hot weather of Shenzhen in the summer. Therefore, Ding Yi came up with the idea of including a work that would “cool” the audience – 12 ceiling fans installed in a “box” space. The three-bladed fans were modified to have four blades in the “cross”-shape, and each blade had a black-and-white “cross” pattern through acrylic computer-engraving and concave-convex plastic sheets. They are installed at the top of the gallery so that viewers must look up when entering the space; at the same time, they are staggered in height, corresponding to the concept of “galaxies”; in addition, Ding Yi intentionally set the 12 ceiling fans at different speeds, so that some of them can recognize the patterns on them clearly, while others cannot. In this integrated experiential space, the viewer can feel the wind, hear the sound of the ceiling fans, and see a certain visual illusion brought about by the movement of the ceiling fans.

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