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b. 1980, works and lives in Shanghai
Artificial marble, plaster, timber, shell, plastic track,Ganoderma lucidum, green plants, etc.

Between 2 June and 1 July 2012, ZHANG Ding held his solo exhibition Buddha Jumps over the Wall in Top Contemporary Art Centre which stands adjacent to ShanghART Taopu. Eating, a daily behaviour which bore two clues as to biology and sociality, was interwoven into that exhibition where this large installation piece Swim Ring delivered a narration of "eating" in a more abstract and detailed manner, namely, "energy consumption". Covered with lots of shells and ganoderma lucidum, the six columns which support the main structure of the artpiece drop a hint about the expensive and precious cooking materials used in the dish called Buddha Jumps over the Wall, or in other words, the source of "energy". On the two hexagonal stages in the centre, a small chamber orchestra put on a live performance on the opening day. A race track (which cannot be seen from the ground) is paved on the top of the halved swim ring, alluding to cultural and sport activities in human life and symbolising the highest level of energy consumption. And the plants growing upwards hold the connection between the start and end of the energy system.

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