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OW 作品
Jin Shan (b.1976)
Colour chromogenic print
21(H)*27cm 50 pieces
Edition of 6

Why this? It was supposed to be an illustrative text for my project “One Man’s Island”. (It is a growing diary-like video project, expressing and recording personalized physicaland mental experience through video, and thereby re-observing the possibility of the confrontation, dialogue and mixing between daily life and art creation. The only shooting place of this video is my studio and living room, and each work will be marked with the date it is shot. For some practical purpose, I began to keep a record of relative material. But later I found that this text was growing, modifying and changing, and so that it lost the practical symmetry with the video work.) It’s only cheating bullshit in the brackets. What I can promise is the thing I’m presently doing. Why doing it? I can’t remember. Where will it lead? God know! There are several popular expert sayings regarding this, and of course I picked up one and wrote it there. Strange thing that I can never describe my works precisely. It’s only part of my life. What else? I asked myself such questions and began to write with much doubt. Just write down what comes to me. I have been nervous before writing anything down, every day. I have to force myself into some conversation because if there is not such an object, my writing wouldn’t go on. Fortunately, I never confess there’s such an object. What do I want to say? Just like penetrating into one’s dream by doing a series of destruction of image consciousness and thus open up a passage during sleepwalking. I mean, to destroy something purely from the point of psychotic episode, like paranoia or clean freak. It has
nothing to do with new or old, sensitive or dull. It’s a natural disconnection of consciousness; it’s
slackness, diversion, reclusion, foaming at the mouth, blurred vision, self-contradiction and scalding at low temperature caused by involuntary concentration. Lose everything in memory. What? You always know it better than me.
(Chapter One, One Man’s Island, 2010)

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