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b. 1983, works and lives in Singapore

Colour inkjet print
Epson UltraGiclee Print
Edition of 3 + 1AP

Singapore artist ZHAO Renhui brings his five photography works for EDIT: Image Fetish and Phobia in September 2012: Flock of Ocean Munias, The Glacier Study Group -- Expedition#11, Recent Species of The New World -- Varient #12, Heavy Oncela and Siberian Tiger Forest Park. Natural scenery and zoology are the primary subjects ZHAO Renhui represents in his works. Preternatural scenes and fabulous serene atmosphere provoke audiences’ endless conjectures. His work is based on the concept of doubt and uncertainty. By testing the limit and the principles behind the dissemination of knowledge and the acceptance of truths, all the works convey his deep-rooted thinking on image editing.


The Institute of Critical Zoologists is proposing to develop tiger farms to promote the conservation of wildlife resources as a form of medicine and spectacle. This proposal is based upon the premise that biodiversity is best preserved by commercialization. Medical farming may possibly be the most positive and widespread economic incentive for the conservation of tigers in Asia.

Maintaining a species survival will be more profitable as a sustainable resource, whether as a spectacle for tourists, coffee for Star Bucks free trade, ingredients for skin lotion, quarry for big-game hunters, or raw material for pharmaceutical firms. Our medicinal tiger farm model closely follows the wildlife ranches in Africa.

The ICZ took on a survey of the tiger farms in China in 2007. The survey reflects the aesthetics of contemporary conservation through economic incentives.

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