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TOF (est. 2011)
B&W inkjet print

Either One Party Pulls Over the Other One, Or the Other Way Round is TOF's (JIN Feng and DING Li) latest work for EDIT: Image Fetish and Phobia, consisting of three works related to image and photography. Two of them are created by images printed on numerous A4-size papers which were cut and layered together. The other relates to a poster-esque manipulation of black and white images.

As TOF proclaims, using images which have been circulating in mass media is like trying to return the true feature of images by a man who lives in total wildernesses. This true feature is the independent appearance when the image is severed and separated from the object, particularly for portraits. The severed images would eventually become ghosts on its own time axis. Their aggregation and dispersion afterwards engender numerous doubts. Why wake it up? It would either pull or be pulled by another. The evidence of the posters’ being alive is the happening which is being happened right now. It implicates a moment in the future when the ghosts are woken up.

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