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b. 1969, works and lives in Shanghai
oil on canvas
180(H)*550cm (in 5 pieces) | 180*135cm | 120*120cm | 100*40cm | 150*120cm | 120*150cm

Title: Intermediate Evidence Forgotten by the Climate
Theatre for Climate Control – 5 paintings, Oil on Canvas, Jun.-Jul. 2013
Sizes: 180x135cm;150x120cm x 2 pieces;100x100cm;100x40cm

Work description: As in Climate Control series, those paintings have something in common: they are all with blue and green background, as well as wind and clouds containing art metaphor in every piece.

We are in a dualism system which is translated as blue and green contrast in the paintings (blue sky, grasses and mountains). A concept is raised in “Theatre for Climate Control” that: “As third party, art becomes a system variable to reactivate and reorganize the existing production relations.” In paintings, wind and clouds are constantly changing variable which also stands for art metaphor, or it is a handheld wind meter and a wind pocket in red and white, or a flying high altitude balloon measurements, maybe the strong sea winds, as well as foehn air from the hillside, and it’s a correspondent concept to the “Theatre for Climate Control”.

Detail pictures:

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