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b. 1967, works and lives in Hangzhou, Shanghai
The Crushed Mirror Glasses by the Fist, Silk Screen Printing (Words Excerpt from Benjamin), Handwriting Comments by Red Marker Pen

Nowadays, video and mass media is no longer the carrier of mechanical reproduction. They smash the previous physical experience of people, and then revitalise them, to make modern expression of Scientism to be invalid. Meanwhile, contemporary thoughts still pin their hope onto “red” or “blue” modernism, to make a critical judgment about contemporary society.

Before an exhibition in 2014, Shao Yi had a discussion with young scholar Zhang Wei through annotating the excerpts of Benjamin’s writing “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”. Then he made silk printing on the mirror glasses and smashes them in the exhibition space. By using the glass as a metaphor, Shao Yi presented the violence in peaceful daily relationships between flesh and object, body and object, so that to compel the original feeling between human and object.


When Marx set out to analyse capitalist mode of production, this mode of production is still on initial stage. Marx tried to make his research possess predictive value.

Note: The Work of Art in the Mechonicol Age of Reproduction
Note 分析 : in accordance with a kind of logic. Is the world of logic about the reality/truth ?
Note 初级阶段 : initial stage of logic
Note 马克思 : Marx or Benjamin
Note 预言价值 : This is the core of the book --- prediction to predict the arrival of a great era to predict that a technique will win to predict that a prediction will become prediction allegory

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