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b. 1945, works and lives in Tiantai, Zhejiang Province

2014 ~ 2015
Acrylic sheet, silk, porcelain, cocoon

Pieces of blue-and-white porcelain were unearthed from the ruins of ancient kilns. Liang brought them back to studio and stablised them on the silk-covered acrylic sheet. He, afterwards, let silkworms spun all over again. What he explored was the dialogue between light and silk which happened to stimulate his imagination of the universe. The pieces porcelain here, sculptured by mankind, like part of a vast collection of stars and star systems, orbit in the mysterious universe. Liang depicts galaxies and the universe with silk, porcelain, light and shadow, when he brings up the ‘infinity’ in the concept of nature in Eastern culture.

Silk and porcelain are two different materials. One features softness and delicacy, while the other feels hard and cold. However, they are similar in presenting a sense of purity, void and fragility. Silk has a long history of the greatest courtesy. Grave goods are very often packed and preserved with pieces of silk while being buried. Since the age of the Silk Road, silk and porcelain have been bonded together for centuries.

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