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LI Ming (b.1986)
performance | multi-channel video
26-channel video|Dimensions variable
| Straight Line  2 minutes 30 seconds | Landscape 17 minutes 26 seconds
Edition of 5 + 1AP

The work consists of two parts. The first refers to “Straight Line”: the 25 screens together become a colourful line on the wall, depicting Li Ming’s journey from Hangzhou to Taiwan. The videos, like colourful note pad, record Li’s fragmented feelings while hiking and climbing. The second is “Landscape”, a video with David Bowie’s The Mysteries as the background music. That was the single song that Li played when he travelled on foot in the 50 days. Walking, fragmented memories, images related to landscape and music are thus integrated. The two flickering red circles, taking inspiration from the reflection of light while filming, resemble an eye, which is due to the thickness of glass.

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