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b. 1977, works and lives in Shanghai
Electro-mechanical objects, plastic, metal, cooper, red fluid etc mounted on wood (wall piece 15x20x20cm, with motor, battery)
Edition of 30

The Last Few Mosquitos is a cluster of slightly-larger-than-life-size replicas of mosquitos. One of the small sculptural pieces is now seated alone on the wall of the gallery space which seems empty at first glance. Closer inspection reveals the insect appears to be gradually sucking lifeblood from the building, glowing red as it ingests the nutrition it needs. Whereas mosquito is an effective symbol and the title may suggest some environmental concerns partially caused by shallow anthropocentrism, the viewers are left free to develop their own theories as to what the bloodsucker means, in the light of XU Zhen's notorious reluctance to interpret his works and give away the enigmatic, subtle and witty game.

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The Last Few Mosquitos
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The Last Few Mosquitos


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