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b. 1980, works and lives in Shanghai
Mixed-media installation, 24 Fridges,3 Power Amplifiers (1500W),1 programme, 24台电冰箱,3 台功放 (1500瓦),一个程序2007
Refrigerator, foaming agents, loudspeakers

Tool No.1, which is currently on display in ShanghART Taopu, was a part of ZHANG Ding's solo exhibition Tool back in 2007. The work includes twenty-four second-hand refrigerators packed with loudspeakers and yellowing foaming agent filled in space between (applied in liquid stage before swelling and hardening into solid state with higher stiffness). All the loudspeakers are linked to a detonator which, once pressed, produces deafening explosive sounds. Four sets of works were shown in that solo exhibition where Tool No.1 was the piece that played a significant rhythm among all. Characterised by not only the intense involvement of audio effects, Tool No.1 also distinguished itself by the material it utilised and the display atmosphere it created: In comparison with three other works which borrowed "cacti" for certain metaphors and fostered violent conversational relation between those hurt and those being hurt, the choice of unnatural industrial products in Tool No.1 seemingly bore a mellow memory of time. Furthermore, the usage of installation as expressional language as well as the arrangement of lighting system (the whole work then was lit by a stage lamp fixed on the ground) unveiled Tool exhibition being introduced into allegorical illusion of a marginalised world.

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