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b. 1966, works and lives in Beijing
5 panda plush toys (26x22x20cm) in package

About 'Artist Zhao Bandi's 2008 5-color Panda Mascot' :  

"2008, while the Olympic fever is firing up, the first Olympic mascot promoted by an individual person is born to the world!
Created by Chinese artist Zhao Bandi, the five-colour panda baby adopts the Olympic ring colours of blue, yellow, black, green and red.
Zhao Bandi's Olympic mascot is not only adorable, but also incomparably beautiful!
The Panda, China's national treasure, walks out of the black-and-white world for the first time as Zhao Bandi's Olympic mascot and dedicates love and resplendence to the world.
Being the world famous Panda Man, artist Zhao Bandi, with his passion and enthusiasm, continually breathes fresh energy into the social life by his amazing concepts and art forms.
Zhao Bandi uses his own art work to make the most romantic and the most splendid explanation to the Olympic Spirit which is inherited and promoted by the whole world.
During the last Chinese Spring Festival, CCTV Olympic Channel broadcasted ‘Panda Olympics' – Zhao Bandi's over time and space romantically actualized 'China Olympics in Switzerland' – to the Chinese public at prime-time on the national Chinese TV channel.
The 'Five-colour Panda Mascot', Zhao Bandi's latest dedication, is full of auspiciousness, love, trueness, and imagination.
The behaviour of an individual person presenting an Olympic mascot is unique in the world and has never happened before, which again proves the inimitable creativity of the Chinese."

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