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b. 1945, works and lives in Tiantai, Zhejiang Province
Ancient Camphor wood, work dimension adjustable according to display space
5 pieces  | Piece 1 88*450*50cm | Piece 2 180*190*150cm | Piece 3 55*180*75cm | Piece 4 80*190*140cm | Piece 5 180*75*55cm

Broken Landscape is an artwork by LIANG Shaoji, exhibited for the first time in Broken Landscape-Solo Exhibition of LIANG Shaoji back in 2008. With components like ancient camphor wood, agarwood and silk, the artist renders an unique ambiance interwoven with the concepts of "silkworm, broken and Zen" (three Chinese characters which share highly similar pronunciation with each other). What is currently displayed in our space is only camphor part from the whole piece of work. The set of wood is derived from a camphor tree standing by the entrance of Shuinan Village in Tiantaishan Mountain. Planted in Tang Dynasty with a history of more than 1300 years, the tree caught a fire in 1980s and was then collected as sculpture material in 1990s by a friend of LIANG, before the artist finally took possession of it and reutilised in his own creation.

For him, as LIANG claims, art production is not prepared for any particular exhibition but rather arises out of his own desires. Living in Tiantaishan Mountain away from the noises of cities, he enjoys the raise of silkworm, a hobby the artist has been pursuing for more than twenty years. The wood serves possibily to highlight time and space flying by and never coming back, or can be interpreted as circle of life, from bloom to decay. One finds the reflection of spirit remains clear and intact, however, tracing broken fragments of ancient wood, as well as the starting point where experience of life and nature is embraced.

Detail pictures:

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