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b. 1971, works and lives in Hangzhou
Painting on 103 lighting tubes

3600W has always been about more than just a collection of florescent lamps. 100 lamps are tightly placed side by side, blending together to look like a huge piece of silk on which a colossal octopus is outlined in ink. The octopus is a translucent invertebrate whose ability to expel ink and flee quickly is a useful defense mechanism against its predators. In this installation, the octopus is not expressed as a translucent figure against a dark background but as a series of black outlines set off against the white surface produced by the lamps. This choice of composition produces a striking contrast, which compels the viewer to see the ink-expelling octopus as something like the moving brush in a traditional Chinese painting. Yet in contrast to the subtle and harmonious qualities of the work, the lamps also produce harsh glares due to their unstable power supply, adding an element of violent forces from outside the main picture.

3600W was shown at the Contemporary Art Exhibition in Hangzhou.

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