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b. 1980, works and lives in Shanghai
Timber, asphalt, approximately 720 light bulbs, glass bottle, water, electric box, electric wire, switch, etc.
700(H)*500*35cm | Crate 1 265*257*135cm | Crate 2 28*250*160cm | Crate 3 50*500*41cm | Crate 4 88*300*60cm
Edition of 1 + 1AP

Law No.1 is a part of ZHANG Ding's solo exhibition entitled Law back in 2009. Via the installation that constructed certain scenarios and atmosphere, the artist displayed in his solo exhibition a complete presentation of his own creational ideals. Law, as a complete piece, is composed of Law No.1 which is shown in ShanghART Taopu at present, Law No.2, a conveyor belt installation with light bulbs fixed on it, and three pieces of foam sculpture as well as a set of pine trees and cypresses (nothing else except Law No.1 is currently available for display in exhibition space). Standing as a large-scale geometric wood structure, Law No.1 is an installation of three sections: the first section is an abrupt ladder which soon introduces a sloping platform as the second section, which consists of two three-meters boards protruding symmetrically from the middle; finally the third section is constituted by a hemisphere starred with approximately 700 light bulbs, and a bottle of water suspended on top of it. The law in Law No.1 is possibly related to dimensions and proportions of human beings. Meanwhile, the acquisition of feeling of "security" and "balance" is hampered by the degree of the ladder, the gradient of the slope, the width of the platform, the length of the boards as well as the overall height of the entire work. Both the way ZHANG handles installation as his language and the design of viewing path are flawless, while the experience of "being extremely careful" and "being amazed and impressed" are what audiences obtain upon their entrance into this work.

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