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b. 1957, works and lives in Shanghai
3 pieces  | EACH 65*100cm
Edition of 5 + 2AP

This is a work regarding the concept of “Orderliness”, shot at Orchard Road, Singapore.

A bustling shopping street in Singapore, the artist traverse through the crowd in Orchard Road in search of a suitable angle to observe the relationship between the people and the streets. Having arrived at the balcony of Mandarin Gallery, the artist felt that he found a suitable spot as he was able to observe the relationship between human and road traffic. The artist utilised fixed interval shooting to capture the busy streets, totalling about 2000 shots over 3 separate occasions.

The artist made an interesting observation in the photos taken – multiple levels of order are present. A clear order exists among both human and road traffic, with obvious boundaries demarcating the areas of movement for each group. Within such externally bounded areas, another level of order exists within the movements of people and vehicles, originating internally. Even within areas that we are allowed to “move freely”, people and vehicles do not move randomly, as if restricted by some invisible forces. Everyone thus seems to possess fundamentally similar habits and routes of movements.

The artist considered the aesthetics of the shots taken to produce compositions crafted from his imagination. These photographs allow us to perceive the existence of multiple levels of orders that we actually live in.

Detail pictures:

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