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b. 1971, works and lives in Shanghai
Multi-channel film
2 screen/no sound 35mm film to DVD Black & White
3 minutes 30 seconds
Edition of 3 + 2AP

1. Turn a still photograph into a film, i.e. have real people sit before a film camera in a set pose, maintaining stillness as in a photograph, holding the position until the shot is through. A photograph becomes a film. The concept is one of both photography and film.
2.The photographic style borrows somewhat on idea of "standard" video art from the 1960s and 70s, as if time is standing still.
3. The title of the piece seems a bit like a line from a poems. Several decades ago, people would write a sentence or a poem kind of like this on the back of their own photos or photos of friends, signing their names as a way of leaving a memento.

Detail pictures:

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