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b. 1971, works and lives in Shanghai
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Seoul Korea Gets a New Art Center for Contemporary Art, Kyung Ho Kim, 2016
Yang Fudong: the Chinese masterpiece of the 2000s at Fondation Louis Vuitton, Judith Benhamouhuet, 2016
Yang Fudong’s Norwegian Wood February 8, 2016 - China , written by Jean Loh, Jean Loh, 2016
T.J. McNamara: Snow falls on time and place, T.J. McNamara, 2015
A conversation with Yang Fudong, Sam Gaskin, 2015
A conversation with Yang Fudong, Sam Gaskin, 2015
Must-See Exhibition: Yang Fudong: Filmscapes - Shanghai artist Yang Fudong will visit New Zealand to launch his film and video exhibition, Dan Ahwa, 2015
Dreamlike films exhibited at Auckland Art Gallery, 2015
at The Moore Space, 2015
Celluloid Purgatory - Shanghai's Independent Cinema Inches Forward , Lisa Movius , 2015
Testing ground - Shanghai Star. 2003-01-30, 2015
The light that I feel- short description, 2015
The Coloured Sky: New Women II, Yang Fudong , 2015
Chinese Video Artist Yang Fudong’s Exhibit Opens in Singapore - The Show Is His First Major Solo Presentation in Southeast Asia, KRISTIANO ANG, 2014
Yang Fudong - Salt, Aimee Lin, 2014
Interview with Yang Fudong - (Long version), Zara Stanhope, 2014
New Women- Credits, 2014
New Women- Foreword, Gu Zheng, 2014
Review: ‘Yang Fudong: Estranged Paradise’ at BAM/PFA, Marcia Tanner, 2013
YANG FUDONG - essay by Davide Quadrio and Noah Cowan, Davide Quadrio, Noah Cowan, 2013
YANG FUDONG essay by Davide Quadrio and Noah Cowan - Kaleidoscope Essay Issue 19, 2013
Fathoming the Work of Yang Fudong , Alex Bigman, 2013
Yang Fudong just finding his stride in BAM show , Kenneth Baker, 2013
Yang Fudong, An Artist in Between, Davide Quadrio and Noah Cowan, 2013
Shanghai Surprise - Yang Fudong’s virtual fantasies satisfy, DAVID JAGER, 2013
The Lethe Machine — Yang Fudong and Wang Jianwei, Christopher Moore, 2013
Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Money - Art After Social Media Era, Li Zhenhua, 2013
The Fifth Night II (Rehearsal) - Shanghai Biennale 2010, 2013
WATERWORKS, Philip Tinari, 2011
Expo Art Review, Xhingyu Chen, 2011
Useful Life 2010 , Xhingyu Chen, 2011
Useful Life 2010, Lu Leiping, 2010
Yang Fudong on the beauty of living - Views of China: "The General's Smile" (2009) by Yang Fudong is now showing at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, By ANDREW MAERKLE, 2010
Yang Fudong: East of Que Village, 2009
Yang Fudong: East of Que Village - text on Artforum, David Velasco, 2008
Daydreams of Youth Unfold, Wang Jie, 2007
The Real Thing - Contemporary Art from China, TATE Liverpool, 2007
The Real Thing - East of Que Village, TATE Liverpool, 2007
(Re)imagining the City - Shanghai Dream-Theatre and New Shanghai Surreal, Thomas J. Berghuis, 2007
Seven Intellectuals In Bamboo Forest, 2007
Yang Fudong, Jackie Wullschlager, 2007
Stuck in a Moment, Guardian Unlimited Newspaper, 2006
East and west link across the centuries - Financial Times Newspaper article, Jackie Wullschlager, 2006
Like watching poetry in motion - The Independent Newspaper article, Sue Hubbard, 2006
Parasol Unit Foundation for Contemporary Art - Yang Fudong: No Snow on the Broken Bridge, 2006 , 2006
Yang Fudong Recent Films and Videos - pressrelease and texts on works, Stedelijk Museum, 2006
On the 'Chineseness' of Chinese Contemporary Art, Paul Gladston, 2006
Yang Fudong - Marian Goodman Gallery, Brian Sholis, 2006
Yang Fudong: Dream–Like Reality, Harada Yukiko, 2006
Yang Fudong, the Foreigner and the Search for Poetic Truth, Marcella Beccaria, 2006
Compelling Images of Distant Life. Video as Expansion of Reality - Chinese Video Art in the Haudenschild Collection , Martina Koeppel-Yang , 2006
Ausflug in Paradies - (An Estranged Paradise), Catrin Lorch, 2006
Contemporary Art in Shanghai, Elisabeth Slavkoff, 2005
Chinese Intellectuals in Yang Fudong's Work–a Western View (Excerpts), Elisabeth Slavkoff, 2005
Yang Fudong, Marcella Beccaria, 2005
Rhythmical Landscapes, Refrain and Horizons - Introduction to the exhibition, Per Bjarne Boym, 2005
Antagonism and Transcendence - on the work of Yang Fudong and Song Tao , Yao Yuan, 2005
Lost in a Bamboo Forest, Melissa E. Goldberg, 2004
Light as Fuck - The Drive for Diversity of Shanghai's Artists' Community , Gu Zhenqing, 2004
Views from Onlooker's Horizons - Labyrinth of Shanghai, Lu Leiping, 2004
Casting a Fresh Eye on China, with Computer, Not Ink Brush, Jane Perlez, 2003
A shorter version of the interview as published in the catalogue Camera - Chang Yung Ho, Wang Jian Wei, Yang Fudong, Ken Lum, 2003
Text of Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest (Part 1), 2003
Celluloid Purgatory - Shanghai's Independent Cinema Inches Forward, Lisa Movius, 2002
Song of "Flutter, Flutter, Jasmine, Jasmine", Yang Fudong, 2002
Envisioning the Future of Contemporary Art from Different 'Glocal' Positions, Hans Ulrich Obrist, 2002
Reasons for the Daydreaming Proletariat, Chen Xiaoyun, 2000
URBIS (New Zealand) - Yang Fudong Interview, Yang Fudong, 2015
Yang Fudong Interview Wallstreet-CCA, KRISTIANO ANG, 2014
Cryptic Chronicler of the New China - A Yang Fudong Restrospective at the Berkeley Art Museum, New York Times, BLAKE GOPNIK, 2013
An Interview on The Nightman Cometh, Li Zhenhua, Li Zhenhua, 2012
A Conversation with Yang Fudong, Paul Gladston, 2012
About "Useful Life 2010"- Interview with Three Artists, Lu Leiping, 2010
A Conversation with Yang Fudong, Melissa Chiu, 2008
Questions for interview with Yang Fudong, Annes, 2008
Interview with Yang Fudong, Davide Quadrio/BizART, 2007
The Power Behind, Zhang Yaxuan, 2007
A Chill Spreading through the Air, ZHANG Yaxuan, 2007
Commercial or art, I simply wanted to film things that interested me. - Interview with Yang Fudong, Harada Yukiko, 2006
Interview with Yang Fudong - for Flashart, Yuko Hasegawa, 2005
The Half Hitching Post, 2013
Yang Fudong On "New Women" , Lu Jing, 2013
About the Unknown Girl - Ma Sise - Yang Fudong Film Project, Yang Fudong, 2013
Words on the wall of Lyon Biennale Project, Yang Fudong, 2013
My heart was touched last year, Li Zhen Hua, 2013
Blue Kylin, 2013
Close to the Sea - Introduction, 2012
Introduction of "The Revival of the Snake", 2012
East of Que Village, 2009
Postscript of "Seven Intellectuals in the Bamboo Forest", Yang Fudong, 2009
Credits of "Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest", Part 1-5, 2008
Notes of "'Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest', Parts 1-5" by Yang Fudong, Marian Goodman Gallery, 2008
Yang Fudong: Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest Part 1-5, 2008
No Snow on the Broken Bridge, 2008
The Revival of the Snake, 2008
Close to the Sea, 2008
Jiaer's Livestock , 2008
Flutter, Flutterּּּ Jasmine, Jasmine, 2008
Su Xiaoxiao , 2008
Tonight Moon , 2008
I Love My Motherland, 2008
Lock Again, 2008
Liu Lan, 2008
Siemens "S10", 2008
Honey , 2008
An Estranged Paradise, 2008
Backyard – Hey! Sun is Rising, 2008
Robber South , 2008
After All, I Didn't Force You, 2008
An Estranged Paradise,, 2005
1000 words: Yang Fudong , Hans-Ulrich Obrist, Yang Fudong, 2003
An Estranged Paradise , Yang Fudong, 2003
My name is Yunyun. , Yang Fudong, 2003
Liu Lan-words, 2003
The Best Painter Has No Rules: An Insight Into The Visual Koan, Lin Ye, 2021


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