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Liu Weijian: The Stage With Light
Solo Exhibition Art Museum of Guangming Culture and Art Center, Shenzhen
Date: 09.24, 2022 - 11.13, 2022

Artists: LIU Weijian 刘唯艰

Venue:3F Exhibition Hall B at Art Museum of Guangming Culture and Art Center

Liu Weijian’s solo exhibition “The Stage With Light” is now open to the public. The exhibition invites the audience to immerse themselves in Liu’s large-scale paintings to experience the recreation of different memory segments and encounter moments of this post-80s artist who grew up with the urban transformation.

"Under the thick brushes of Liu Weijian's paintings, a hazy melody always emerges. According to him, ancient poetry either "holds things to speech will" or "expresses lyrically through scenery", with "objects" and "scenes" occupying respective positions, whereas "will" and "emotions" are typically secondary. In comparison to the social tidal wave, life is small, and the two are unlike, much like the contrast between the expansive landscape and the miniature figures in landscape paintings. Regardless of a person's happiness or sadness, the landscape, and the world remain unchanged. The environment and the corporeal world are neither welcoming nor scorning. The painter can imbue the painting with his own warmth or apathy, which is subsequently passed on to the observer. This is the providing of caring amongst individuals." Written by curator Yang Zi.

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The Stage With Light - Liu Weijian Solo Exhibition
艺术家刘唯艰:创作20年,用画面展现极致孤独 | 一条艺术

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