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b. 1945, works and lives in Tiantai, Zhejiang Province

2011 ~ 2012
Stone, silk, cocoon
17(H)*320(W)*275cm (in 75 pieces)

Liang’s practice often involves using silkworms to wrap or cover distinct objects. The power of this simple action is focused and magnified in Whirl. Liang refers to these round stones wrapped in silk as “Origin” stones. Differing from the work The Origin of Cloud - Wenchuan Stones, which used stones with very specific histories, Whirl uses anonymous, round river stones, sculpted into the forms we see today by what Taoists refer to as the “regular” and “irregular” forces of nature. Silkworms, with their lifespan of only a few weeks, have used their small but seemingly eternal actions to bind the stones, in a gesture that seems to warms them against the desolate cold of eternity. In this work, Liang applies the least amount of manual intervention to illustrate the power of the principle wuwei [letting things run their course.] Dozens of “Origin” stones are arranged into a spiral, a static form hinting at principles of movement in life and the universe. The attitude of warmth and respect towards life found in Whirl are also evident in his work Babies/Nature Series No. 15.

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