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b. 1945, works and lives in Tiantai, Zhejiang Province
2019 ~ 2021
mobile phones, branches, chip, silk, cocoons, wooden board
43(H)*404*122cm (in 2 pieces) | Part I 43*244*122cm | Part II 30*160*122cm

When the pandemic hit, the city closed down, and mobile phones became indispensable to us. It seemed that only via mobile phones could we gain a sense of existence and maintain communication with the outside world. However, a large amount of fake information kept us unsettled. As a result, the work Stranded of the "Snow Cover" series came into being. I buried many mobile phones under the clean, soft and snowy silk foil, like a contemporary presentation of frozen snow house. The excessive excitement and anxiety of modern-day people and their obsessive dependence on high tech are treated through a "therapy of silk", a "therapy of coldness", and a "therapy of tranquility". In reflection, returning to nature, the dialogue initiates between life and information.
At the end of the snow field, new sprouts broke out of the ground. They are the new generations of mobile phones treated after snow therapy, anticipating the breath of spring.
—Liang Shaoji

Detail pictures:

Part 1

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