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b. 1990, works and lives in Hangzhou
single-channel animation
3 minutes
Edition of 6 + 2AP

Artist Liu Yi, with his profound insight into cross-cultural phenomena and delicate observation of human nature, showcases in his latest short film "Nice to Meet You" the life and work experiences of a Chinese chef in a Chinese restaurant in Chiba, Japan. The film delves into how individuals seek belonging and self-identity in a foreign land amidst the waves of globalization, inevitably facing challenges, loneliness, and internal struggles.
In this work, Liu Yi skillfully employs interlaced scenes and delicate emotional expressions to capture the protagonist's sense of loneliness amid his busy work schedule and limited social interactions. The film focuses on the protagonist's daily life and delves deeper into his complex inner world. To vividly portray the protagonist's inner experiences, Liu Yi introduces the traditional art form of ink animation, blending reality with the protagonist's fantasy world to create a visual experience where reality and imagination intersect, allowing the audience to deeply feel the protagonist's emotional journey.
The climax of the film, through the protagonist's weightless fantasy scene underwater, symbolically displays his longing for solitude and drifting with the flow. This scene not only contrasts sharply with the details of the protagonist's daily life but also showcases Liu Yi's attention to discovering the beauty and miracles hidden in everyday life.
At the end of the film, the protagonist bows to the water surface and softly says "はじめまして" (Nice to meet you), which is not only a polite expression towards the new environment but also symbolizes his growth in self-identity and adaptation to the surroundings. This moment is not just the protagonist greeting another version of himself but also his first greeting to this new world, extending an invitation to the audience to explore, understand, and accept different cultures and ways of life.
Through "Nice to Meet You," Liu Yi conveys a warm and profound message: in this diverse and complex world, despite the barriers posed by cultural and linguistic differences, the power of understanding and acceptance can bridge these divides, establishing deeper connections between people. This work not only vividly depicts the individual experiences of seeking a sense of belonging in a foreign land but also reflects deeply on the common human emotions and cross-cultural understanding in the context of globalization.

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