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b. 1971, works and lives in Shanghai
single-channel film
35 mm b&w film transferred to DVD, music : Jin Wang
9 minutes 11 seconds
Edition of 10 + 2AP

First Spring is a special art project cooperated by artist Yang Fudong and Prada. The work itself is also an independent short art film (35mm black-and-white film).

First Spring is inspired by the ancient Chinese proverb “A year’s plan starts with spring”. Spring is the beginning of a year as a good harvest depends on the spring sowing. In the work, different dynasty characters appear in the film at the same time as modern people. There are a series of incredible life encounters happening between them, especially, young people suspense in the sky and walk carefully in the film. The work creates a psychedelic time and space that meets the turmoil. However, the paradoxical sense of dreams in the state of uncertainty is actually the illusion that is happening while filming in the studio.

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