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b. 1958, works and lives in Shanghai

1966- Cultural Revolution
The Cultural Revolution initially started when students went on strike. It was followed by a chain of nationwide revolutions that fought with the capitalists, the landowners and the right wing. Immediately afterwards, the working class went on strike to join in the historically unprecedented revolution of the proletariat. They were divided into two fractions – the fraction to save the king and the rebels. The people that were supposedly safe during the revolution today would become anti-revolutionaries tomorrow. Yesterday’s revolutionaries would be tomorrow’s prisoners. The two fractions created a reign of terror where people were fighting amongst themselves. The piece “Rebels” were a typical snapshot of the working class during the Cultural Revolution. My mother inevitably got involved in it. Like the majority of the people, she was filled with faith and passion towards the Party and dove into the waves of the Revolution and experienced a big movement at that time. (There are many weaknesses in humanity, afraid of being eliminated, afraid of being in a state of helplessness, it is always right to stand on majority side, no matter it is correct or not. If it is wrong, everyone did it wrongly; at last it will be all right. )

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