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Files - So Far So Close , Chen Yanyin Solo Exhibition
Solo Exhibition SPSI Art Museum, Shanghai
Date: 07.29, 2015 - 08.14, 2015

Artists: CHEN Yanyin 陈妍音

Files - So Far So Close, Chen Yanyin Solo Exhibition
Opening: Jul.29, 15:30PM
Exhibition date: Jul.30-Aug.14, 2015, 10:00AM - 16:00PM
Address: SPSI Art Museum,111 Jin Zhu Road, Shanghai
(Co-produced by ShanghART Gallery, SPSI Art Museum Academic Series Exhibition)

Files is Chen Yanyin’s first solo exhibition in 15 years. It is also only the 3rd solo exhibition in the 30year journey of this Shanghai based woman artist.
Chen Yanyin graduated from the Sculpture Department of the China National Academy of Fine Arts in 1988. In the following years she participated frequently in avant-garde and woman art exhibitions in Shanghai and around the world. Chen Yanyin created many of the prominent sculptures on Shanghai’s streets and places. In 2008, Chen Yanyin’s received the “China Sculpture Grand Prize” for her work “My Mother 1956, 1963, 1998”. Recently some of Chen Yanyins works have been shown at Myth/History in Shanghai's YUZ museum..

"It is at once a deeply felt artwork that stands as a tribute to her mother, and a public work that speaks to the lives of many women who came of age in the early 1950s and in the course of their lives negotiated radical change. It is a daughter’s reflection on the complex emotional life of three generations of women, a curated set-piece that draws on the tangible and intangible: remnant images, personal knowledge and random conversations. In creating a series of fragmentary memorials to her mother, Chen Yanyin gives form to the light and darkness of life; to lives lived as well as those not lived, to achievements and disappointments, loves and losses, reality and emotion, the private often unspoken experience of her mother, her mother’s mother, and the everywoman. Claire Roberts, Excerpt from Chen Yanyin: Giving form to emotion, 2015

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