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b. 1963, works and lives in Wuhan

Wei Guangqing—an Interpretation, Ji Shaofeng, 2015
Pop art takes on 'The Art of War', Wang Jie , 2008
Made in China - "Making" Chinese " Contemporaneousness" , Pi Daojian, 2007
Wei Guangqing: His Historicalized Pop Art, Huang Zhuan, 2007
Passing Through History and Reality - A Semiotic Approach to Wei Guangqing's Works , Lu Hong , 2007
On Wei Guangqing's "Suicide Plan" - The History of Chinese Contemporary Art, 1979-1989, Lu Peng / Yi Dan, 2007
"Suffering" Body - Die In the Name of Art, GAO Minglu, 2006
Wei Guangqing: From the Cultural Pop to Being on the Scene, Ma Qingzhong , 2006
What Has Been Made in China? - Wei Guangqing's Made in China Series, Liu Maoping, 2006
On "The Virtuous Words" Series , Grace Fan, 2006
Read Wei Guangqing's Painting, Xu Yongmin, 2005
Learn the Power of the Horse by Distance - Wei Guangqing and his Public Heart, Pi Li, 2004
Wei Guangqing: The Bar Code of The Commercial Era, Xiao Yang, 2004
On Wei Guangqing's "Red Wall" - The Artists could be entered into Art History, Li Xianting, 2002
That's For Your Own Good - Art's Response to the Age of Materialism, Huang Zhuan, 2000
The History of Chinese Contemporary Art 1900-1999, Lv Peng, 2000
About the Work on TIME Magazine Cover, Wei Guangqing, 2000
Ideal and Practice, 1996
85's Fine Arts Movement and the Contemporary Issues, Wei Guangqing, 1995
The Cultural Pop - Wei Guangqing and His "Red Wall" , Zhu Bin / Lu Hong , 1992
Media Material and Texture Construction, Wei Guangqing, 1991
The Curtain Call People of "The New Wave Movement of Art", Peng De, 1988
Charles V's Dream - Comments on Wei Guangqing's "Suicide Plan about 'Oneness'", Zeng Chunhua, 1988
Wei Guangqing's Simulative Experience and My Interpretation, Huang Zhuan, 1988
Understand One's Living Environment through Pop and Dada - Interview with Wei Guangqing, Li Xianting, 2005
Uphold Image: Dialogue with Wei Guangqing on "Zeng Guang" , Shen Wei, 2005
Wei Guangqing Ancient Scriptures Wall text - Sun Tzu The Art of War / Zhu Family Instructions / The Book of Family Names, 2008
Sun Tzu's Art of War, 2008
The Zhu Family Instruction, 2008
The San Zi Jing (Three Character Classic), 2006
The 26 Evil Spirit Passes - The Day of Peace, 2002
Twenty-Six Evil Spirit Passes—"The Day of Peace" - Conception of the Work, Wei Guangqing, 2002


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