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I've Forgotten the Question
Solo Exhibition WS Gallery, Shanghai, No.86 Huating Road
Date: 04.18, 2023 - 06.01, 2023

Artists: SHI Yong 施勇

The exhibition title is taken from the homonymous work "I've forgotten the question" quote from Georges Bataille's book The lmpossible. The original text reads, "I've forgotten the question: it was accompanied by a perceptible change, like a trip re-lease cutting the ties"Shi Yong rewrote the "sentence" into a "question", leaving room for the viewer's imagination while directly pointing to the artist's "intervention style of creation: the grammatical reconstruction of real life, including words. Shi Yong is like a game player, who observes everyday objects from an alternative perspective, forcibly intervenes in their original orbit of function by cutting, reorganizing, and erasing them, and reveals the hidden reality of power in the intervened habits.

The exhibition focuses on a series of works by Shi Yong, who used textual grammar and the cutting and reorganizing of objects as a creative method in the last decade, including Let All Potential Be Internally Resolved Using Beautiful Form and Under the Rule-H, as well as a new installation, Xingfu 250-A. In particular, the exhibition presents You Can Fly Higher, a work created at the beginning of the century and a hallucination reality in that distant context. it has formed a meaningful contextual relationship with other works created in the last decade, guiding the viewer into the artist's conceptual art creation which is full of free and resistant spirit and is closely related to the environment.

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