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b. 1981, works and lives in Shanghai

Epson ultra giclee print, hahnemuhle photo rag baryta
Edition of 3 + 1AP

The work is made according to the most common visual angle of about 45°in landscape photography in the hope that it can present the space at utmost. The objects are basic elements of artificial materials, e.g. silk, monocolored sheet, rice paper, black chemical fabric, cardboard, plastic patch, plastic paper, LCD, etc. Large format camera is used to display essential details.

If seen from far, the work seems to have no specific look and meaning, which is just concolorous similar plane. As for common visual experience, watching in distance can judge an overall trend and shape of objects as well as perspective space. However, in this series, the criterion for judgement given by nature and cognition of basic elements are dispelled by the repetitive shape of objects substantively.

If seen at short range, those repetitive details filled with veins are obvious. We can see the perspective tracks of space with these details, yet we can not have certain feeling about the entire perspective of objects. Here, this kind of judgement is also dispelled by the object itself. The judgemental illusion of object’s original meaning and the ‘truth’ of cognition become focal points of contradictions.

The object is still the same. The space is also that perspective one. What changes is the judgemental criterion which is nearly out of control due to the original image of the most basic shape and structure. Although objective, how will it be when facing people? It shall be a personal choice. It is via this extension of microcosmic and macroscopic cognition that criterion for judgement is defined.

After all, the reification of work is subject to paradoxical circle just like when we speak something out, we simultaneously keep a longer distance with the original form of it.

This work causes in 2006, until now was still continuing.


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