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b. 1976, works and lives in Shanghai
Single-channel video
4 minutes 57 seconds
Edition of 5

Back in 2007, LI Pinghu finished his video work Fight Line on the building site of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport reconstruction project. Close to the runway lights, the artist managed to construct a house installation of 5m x 3m x 3m whose central axis lay in alinement with the trace of flying-off aeroplane and whose window faced with the direction from which it took off. Within the house, by setting a study desk, a bookshelf, a tea table, a bed and some other everyday stuffs, the artist imitated a standard living environment. As an aeroplane took off, the installation was slowly lifted up by one end along the incremental height in the sky. Until the aircraft flew above the house and disappeared, everything fell down and slipped to the other end under the force of gravity. The video captured the entire process of the "house" waiting for the aeroplane and finally ending up with mess.

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