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b. 1971, works and lives in Shanghai

Single-channel film
35mm b&w film transferred to HD, 5.1 sound track. music : Jin Wang
19 minutes 21 seconds
Edition of 10 + 2AP

1.Night Falls.
2.If the warrior in night is exist or disappear.

Yejiang (The night man cometh), a 35-mm film transferred to HD video, unfold in the realm of historical fantasy. An ancient warrior is seen wounded and forlorn after battle: he is in conflict about his path in life. Three ghost-like characters appear as emblems of feelings and thoughts that surface and clash within the warrior’s heart and mind as he has to decide whether to disappear or continue fighting. Yang has preferred to describe the film as ‘neo-realistic’ rather than historical and allegorical:

"Neo-realism” is a history theater where current and contemporary societal conditions come to play. Who exists realistically, the warrior baron in his period costume or the ghost in a modern outfit? When the ancient battlefield scene and other historical events appear and reappear, where do they belong, in the past, the present or the night-falling future? How impossible it seems to make up your mind, when there is no easy answer to get from the narration! It is getting dark. The warrior has to decide whether to disappear/escape (die) or to continue fighting, which of course might lead to the same fate – death. There is hope nonetheless. The body is desirable whereas the soul is more precious. His spirit is what backs him up in life. How should we live our lives now? How do we identify ourselves with neo-realistic historical events and continue to search for spiritual meanings? What do we really want?

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Daimler Art Collection
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

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