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b. 1957, works and lives in Shanghai

The artist found a Southeast Asian style decorative mirror in an antique shop. Lying amongst a pile of relics with layers of dust, the mirror reflected the artist’s face and captured his attention. The artist saw his own reflection in the dark through the mirror, as sounds of waves seemingly passed through his ears, which resulted in his decision to purchase the item.

Inspired by what he felt upon seeing the mirror, the artist combined seascapes from multiple Southeast Asian countries to present an image of the ocean with subtle changes on the mirror.

The seas are not places inhabited by humans; we yearn for the seas as the seas seemingly exist in our hearts, as our streams of thoughts are akin to the ocean waves that never stop. Looking at the sea, it is as if we are looking at our inner selves, it allows us feel at ease and peaceful. In this sense, this is a mirror that instill calmness in its viewers.


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