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b. 1968, works and lives in Shanghai

This installation consists of six massage chairs whose exteriors are peeled away and soft fillings removed, consequently resembling a row of electric chairs. Once turned on, they begin automatically and respectively to knead and pat, producing a string of rhythmic sounds, powerful and even delightfully energetic. With their skeletal configuration, the general function of the machines, which aims at the relaxation of its users, composes a set of "implicative" contradictions. The title of the work, Then Edison's Direct Current Was Surrendered To the Alternating Current, in fact states how the story of Edison defeating Nikola Tesla ended. The behaviour of the former is simply preposterous yet suggestive of the reality: what is advanced, despite being shrouded once by a vested interest, will embrace a bright future sooner or later.

Note: The history tells that Edison, to defend the direct current that he had promoted enthusiastically, took all sorts of actions to attack alternating current, including circulating the rumour concerning the danger of the latter. In 1890, the American inventor bribed some officials in a prison in New York State for execution of criminals by electricity instead of noose, i.e., the alternating current provided by Nikola Tesla. It was reported at the time that "dying on a chair powered by alternating current is much more horrible than a rope". In spite of such disgraceful conduct that led to people interpreting "alternating current" as synonym of "death" for a short while, its advantages were not consigned into oblivion. Instead, it became widely used in the time of Tesla.

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