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XU ZHEN® 徐震®
b. 2013, works and lives in Shanghai
XU ZHEN® 徐震®
single-channel video
52 minutes 3 seconds
Edition of 10

"Physique of Consciousness" is the first cultural fitness exercise ever made, initiated by MadeIn Company. It comprises movements derived from dance, gymnastics, spiritual and cultural rituals. The whole series is composed of more than two hundreds steps and moves inspired from a hundred ceremonies, worships and traditions accumulated through the History of Humanity. It combines physical and spiritual virtues, enhancing body conditions and well-being.

As dance can be a form of expression and as ritual is usually linked to civilizations, the spiritual fitness “Physique of Consciousness” reflects the diversity of human ideologies. “Physique of Consciousness” consists in ten exercises, as ten chapters, with a progression of levels from easy to hard. The whole set of exercise lasts for thirty minutes. Movements are flowing, peaceful and aesthetic, accompanied by a relaxing music.

This fitness exercise is open to any public, young people as much as elders, it has various benefits such as maintaining a healthy physical condition, strengthening muscles, joint mobility, and improving the immune system. It can also bring peace of mind, by relieving stress and providing a feeling of wellness. The diversity of the movements participate to the enhancement of memory capacity and focusing function.

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