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b. 1963, works and lives in Shanghai
9 hand-made books, 9 music stands, a TV monitor on a stand
9 minutes 58 seconds
Edition of 3 + 2AP

In China, we always say, "The boxer's fist must stick to its task, and the singer's mouth no rest must ask." It means that you should do practice very hard if you want to reach a high level in your profession. That is the key message that I want to express through my this work.
The work is inspired by two books about how to promote oneself. They are titled 166 Tips for Promotion and Guidance for Business Proprieties. The contents of these books are so fitful to the new image of Shanghai today, for new image should be complied with the new manners, that I adopt them to practice without any revision. And I present it through thte photograph and video.
To me, the accuracy of the imitation is not very important. I'm more interested in the absurdity resulted from the so-called reasonable public relationship. Such absurdity can be found through the reality in the other side of the communication: People can be easily satisfied with the surface of the communication, they just pay attention to the surface. The communication, they just pay attention to the surface. The communication is becoming a kind of "art", It is being produced continuously and is being performed every day.

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