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b. 1963, works and lives in Shanghai


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White Rabbit Gallery of Chinese Art Announces PARADI$E BITCH, Nicholas Forrest, July 06, 2015, 2015
The Existent Absence --- Shi yong’ s Video Silent Film, Christina.Y.Z, 2012
Nothing is Impossible, 2010
Dialogue with the West - A Political Message from Avant-Garde Artists in Shanghai, Li Cheng and Lynn T. White III, 2010
(Re)imagining the City - Shanghai Dream-Theatre and New Shanghai Surreal, Thomas J. Berghuis, 2007
“Sorry, There will be no Documenta in 2007” – a virtual plan about 12th Kassel Documentary from artist, 2006
The Prescribed Image of Difference , Martina Koppel-Yang , 2006
The Heaven. The World - Photography video, installation solo show by Shi Yong., 2004
Pet's Bone, Para-curve, and Kara OK - A Self-sufficient Elaboration of Recent, Shi Yong, 2003
Modern art in Shanghai during the 1990s, Xia Wei, 1999
Recent Creative Ideas, Shi Yong, 1998
You Can Fly Higher and Higher, 2008
About 'The Moon's Hues are Teasing', 2011
Think carefully, where have you been yesterday?, 2008
The Heaven, 2007
On “Show Window - You Cannot Clone, but You Can Buy It”, statement of work, 施勇, 2000
About 'Made ... for you', Shi Yong, 1999
About 'Deportment ABC', Shi Yong, 1999
Explanation of "To Live 'Elsewhere'", Shi Yong, 1997
Explanation of 'Adding One Concept on Top of Another', Shi Yong, 1997
An art sample from China , Shi Yong, 1996
Let All Potential Turn out Beautifully in the Form of Redundancy - Shi Yong: From a “Performer” to an “Author”, 吴亮, Wu Liang, 2015


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