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b. 1963, works and lives in Shanghai
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1963 Born in Shanghai

1984 Graduated from the Fine Art Department of the Shanghai Light Industry College

Solo Exhibitions (All | Selected)
2021 Shi Yong:One Man’s Art History, ShanghART, Shanghai
Shi Yong: Turning Inward, Until Disappearing, ShanghART, Shanghai
2020 One Man's Art History, TrealmHui Art Space, Guangzhou
2019 The Ubiquitous, DRC No. 12, Beijing
2018 Nothing is Impossible, YELLSPACE, Shanghai
A ( ) Bird be Released from the Top of a Certain Tower, Boxes Art Museum, Guangdong
2017 Shi Yong: Under the Rule, ShanghART, Shanghai2F, ShanghART
2016 Shi Yong Solo Exhibition: A Bunch of Happy Fantasies, Opening of ShanghART S-Space, ShanghART S-Space798 Art Zone, Beijing
2015 Let All Potential be Internally Resolved using Beautiful Form, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai
2007 Think Carefully, Where Have You Been Yesterday?, BizArt, Shanghai
Realistic ּ Reality, Shi Yong Solo Exhibition, 2577 Creative Garden, Shanghai
2004 The Heaven ּ The World, Solo Show by Shi Yong in 2 Parts, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai
2002 Pingyao International Photography Festival (PIP), Project by Shi Yong, Pingyao, Shanxi

Group Exhibitions (All | Selected)
2022 Wang Xingwei in Shanghai 2002-2008, Power Station of Art Museum, Shanghai
My CASA, AD, Shanghai
I Loved You, White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Diverse Love, Public Art Exhibition of 20 Contemporary Artists, 100 Exceptional Children, Being Art Museum, Shanghai
2021 The Exhibition of Annual of Contemporary Art of China (Shanghai) 2020, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
Realm of Art·Beyond the Borders, The World in the Eyes of Chinese Artists Video Art Exhibition, Meou Art Center, Shanghai
Unfinished, Magnetic Field - Yellowbox Experiment Space, Himalayas Museum, Shanghai
Anren Biennale 3nd, Variations, Chengdu
First Movement: Unsounded, HuaiGuLin Contemporary Art Center, Beijing
Back to Back—Viva Amicizia, CCC.Center for Cross Culture, Shanghai
Fish: Fengxian International Public Art Project, Fengxian Sculpture Art Park, Shanghai
Chair, Zhi Art Museum, Chengdu
Time Capsule: International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Cang Art Museum, Hangzhou
Red, The Tank, Shanghai
City on the Edge: Art and Shanghai at the Turn of the Millennium, UCCA Edge, Shanghai
The Fourth Today's Documents: A Stitch in Time, Chongqing Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing
2020 Habitat, Yunxi Space, Shanghai
Rebirth—2020 Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition, Jin-chen•Yifeiming Art Gallery, Shanghai
Ensemble Urban, Opening Exhibition, APS Museum, Shanghai
Asia Design Management Forum& Art Design Media Festival, Zhejiang Exhibition Hall, Hangzhou
Come across ShanghART, Art Tower, Shanghai
Let There Be Books: Invitation Exhibition of the Contemporary Art Documents, Shanghai, Being Art Museum, Shanghai
New Look, Baiziting Art Center, Nanjing
Duration: Chinese Art in Transformation, Beijing Mingsheng Art Museum, Beijing
On Sabbatical, West Bund Museum, Shanghai
Saisen Art Collection Chinese Contemporary Art 1996-2019, M50 Shanghai
Co-constructing, Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou
Beautiful is Relentless, Columbia Circle Navy Club, Shanghai
Cache: From B to Z, ShanghART, Shanghai
2019 A Rose is a Rose is a Rose, HOW Art Museum, Wenzhou
The Fourth Today's Documents, A Stitch in Time, Today Art Museum, Beijing
2019 Greater China Xceleration Days, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Happiness Xcelerator, Shenzhen Sea World Culture and Art Center, Shenzhen
Continuance - The 20th Anniversary Special Exhibition of M50, Innovation Plus ArtSpace, Shanghai
Advent: Inventing Landscape, Producing the Earth, Qianshao Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai
Fortunate Art Stone, About A Number of Questions and Answers, 126 Creative Park, Mianyang, Sichuan
A Turning Moment, Urban Narratives in Chinese Contemporary Art, 1995-2019, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
River Flowing without a Beacon, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing
Society Guidance: Part II, UCCA, Beijing
The Kind Stranger, UNArt Center, Shanghai
Summer Wind Flirts among Words, ShanghART, Shanghai
1st Airport Biennale, Airport Town, Guangzhou
A Fairy Tale in Red Times, Works from the White Rabbit Collection, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Qing Ming, BANBO Art Center,Shanghai
The Avant-Garde is Not Afraid of a Long March, ShanghART Singapore, Singapore
Side Lanes, ShanghART, Shanghai
2018 Saudade - Irretrievable Place in Time, China & Portugal Contemporary Art by Fosun Art Foundation, Museu Coleção Berardo, Portugal
This is Shanghai, Chinese Contemporary Art, Cunard Building, Liverpool, U.K.
Saudade: Unmemorable Place in Time, China-Portugal Contemporary Art Exhibition by Fosun Foundation, Fosun Foundation, Shanghai
30 Years Documenta of Shanghai Contemporary Art, Third Unit Reconstructing the Contemporary (1992-2000), Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai
"The Stars" Art Education Achievement Exhibition, 459 Wulumuqi Middle Road, Jingan Culture Centre
Group Exhibition of Contemporary Artists: Huashan Art Gallery First Show, Huashan Art Gallery, Shanghai
As A Reason for December 12th, Hangzhou
2017 The Reason Why Classic Is, Artron Art Center, Shenzhen
The 7th edition Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture, Shenzhen
Mass Energy 1862 HBC Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shipyard 1862, Shanghai
Physical Theatre, ShanghART, Shanghai
40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Photography (1976-2017), The 10th Anniversary Special Exhibition of Three Shadows, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing
Floating World, Bahrain
2016 20, Fosun Foundation, Shanghai
A Visit to Classicism: Chinese Contemporary Art, BA Art Space, Shanghai
The Crocodile in the Pond, 11 artists from ShanghART Gallery, Museum Art St. Urban and Abbey St. Urban, Luzern, Switzerland
The Suggestive Wheel, An Era of Metaphors, Box Art Space of OCT Harbour, Shenzhen
Modern Times, ShanghART Singapore, Singapore
Trace of Existence, UCCA, Beijing
2015 Nonfigurative, Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
City Vision, 2015 Shanghai Artists' Works Exhibition, Cloud Art Center, Shanghai
Paradi$e Bitch, White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia
Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, Spaces for Maneuver- Between Abstraction and Accumulation, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Stereognosis Zone, RMCA, Guangzhou
Copyleft, China Approriation ART, Power Station of Art, Shanghai
Fortune, 2015 Contemporary art exhibition, Artoon Center, Shanghai
Minuscule in Scope-Gargantuan in Perspective, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai
Essential Matters-Moving Images from China, Borusan Contemporary Perili Kosk, Istanbul, Turkey
Myth / History II: Shanghai Galaxy, YUZ Museum, Shanghai
2014 Rouge, Shanghai Night Club, Shanghai
Just as Money is the Paper, the Gallery is the Room, Osage Gallery, Shanghai
Off Site Programme, Silent Film, Ikon Gallery, Fletchers Walk, Birmingham, U.K.
Xiang Jie, Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai
Metal Matters: Reflection to Oxidation, ShanghART Main Space, Shanghai
In & Out Réel ShanghART, Réel Department Store, Shanghai
Hans van Dijk: 5000 Names, UCCA, Beijing; Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Starlight, ShanghART Main Space, Shanghai
2013 The Spectacle of the Spectacles, ShanghART Singapore, Singapore
DramaSuspended: Undressing the Present, Alain Badiou and the artists, Mecooon Space, Shanghai
Portrait of the Times, 30 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art, Power Station of Art, Shanghai
Revel, Celebrating MoCA's 8 Years in Shanghai, MoCA, Shanghai
Shanghai Surprise, A Group Show on Contemporary Art in Shanghai, K11 Art Mall, Shanghai
2012 Place of Residence-with Artists from Brazil and China, Space 2, ShanghART Main Space, Shanghai
Place of Residence-with Artists from Brazil and China, Space 1, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai
Cultural Shanghai- A Return Oriented Towards the Future, 2012 Shanghai Gallery Alliance, Shanghai
The First Xinjiang Biennale of Contemporary Art, Xinjiang International Exhibition Centre, Xinjiang
Uninkable, TOP Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai
TransMedia Art & Fashion Exhibition, Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai
Huashan Art Vocational School Alumni Artworks Collection, Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai
Face, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
2011 Never Forget the Image Struggle!, TOP Contemporary Art Center, Shanghai
Surreal Versus Surrealism, Institut Valencià d' Art Modern, València, Spain
Moving Image in China: 1988-2011, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
Contemporary Art Exhibition Documentation Project II:" Let's Talk about Money--1st International Fax Art Exhibition in Shanghai 1996", ShanghART Taopu, Shanghai
Grasstress 2011, Venice, Italy
A Pile of Passion, ShanghART Main Space, Shanghai
2010 Big Draft-Shanghai, Kunstmuseum Bern, Bern, Switzerland
Dial 62761232, A Document On A Contemporary Art Event, ShanghART Taopu, Shanghai
Negotiation, The Second Today's Documents, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Will to Height, Contemporary Art Exhibition, epSITE, Shanghai
Personal Frontier, IA32 Space, Beijing
Glass Factory, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
Jungle: A Close-Up Focus on Chinese Contemporary Art Trends, Platform China, Beijing
2009 Bourgeoisified Proletariat, Contemporary Art Exhibition in Songjiang, Shanghai Songjiang Creative Studio, Shanghai
Shanghai History in Making from 1979 Till 2009, Shanghai
Normality, 2009 Art Works Show, New Space of Fine Arts Literature Art Center, Wuhan
Warm Up, Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
Shanghai Kino, Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland
Blackboard, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai
The Big World, Recent Art from China, Chicago Cultural Center, U.S.A.
Beyond Words, Yan Club Arts Center, Beijing
Another Scene, Artists' Projects, Concepts and Ideas, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai
Impossible, 8 Chinese Artists Engage Absurdity, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery & MISSION 17, San Francisco, U.S.A
2008 The 5th Small Productions Event, Shopping Gallery, Shanghai
INVOLVED, Participating Artists: Knut Asdam, Miroslaw Balka, Stefan Brüggemann, Pavel Büchler, Corey McCorkle, Luc Tuymans, Yutaka Sone, Armen Eloyan, Shi Yong, Zhang Enli, Xu Zhen, Curated by Philippe Pirotte, ShanghART H-Space, Shanghai
The Love of Art: Collection of Contemporary Art in China, Today Art Museum, Beijing
The 3rd Nanjing Triennial, Reflective Asia, RCM Art Museum, Nanjing
Insomnia, Photographs Exhibition, BizART, Shanghai
Our Future, The Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation Collection, UCCA, Beijing
The World of Other's, A Contemporary Art Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
Shanghai Kaleidoscope, Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), Toronto, Canada
Homesickness, Memory and Virtual Reality, T Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing
Art Multiple 2008, Ke Center for the Contemporary Arts, Shanghai
Artseason, The Third China New Media Art Festival, China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou
2007 The First Today's Documents 2007, Energy: Spirit ּ Body ּ Material, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Rejected Collection, More the 40 Chinese Artists /Over 60 Rejected Proposals, Ke Center for Contemporary Arts, Shanghai
Keep an Eye on China, N.O.Gallery, Milan, Italy
New Curator Project: The Story of Hair, TS1 Contemporary Art Center, Beijing
The 7th Photo Festival, Chinese Contemporary Photo & Video, GANA Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006 It's All Right, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hu Qing Tang Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou
Alllooksame/Tutttuguale?, Art from China, Japan and Korea, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy
Dual Realities, the 4th Seoul International Media Art Biennale (Media_City Seoul), Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
General Motors Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai Center, Shanghai
Satellite 2006, Contemporary Art Pavilion, Shanghai
Second Shanghai Duolun Exhibition of Young Artists, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
Thirty-Eight Solo Exhibitions, Creative Garden, Shanghai
2005 The 1st Lianzhou International Photo Festival, Double Vision, Culture Square Lianzhou, Lianzhou, Guangdong
The Second Guangzhou Triennial Self Organisation, BizART: How to Turn Guangzhou into Shanghai, Xinyi International Club, Guangzhou
The Second Guangzhou Triennial, BEYOND: an extraordinary space of experimentation for modernization, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou
Zooming into Focus, Contemporary Chinese Photography and Video from the Haudenschild Collection, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Felicidad Indecible (Unspeakable Happiness), Arte contemporáneo de China, Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City, Mexico
Back to the Future: Shanghai Arts, IF Museum Inner Spaces, Poznan, Poland; Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover, Germany
Shanghai Constructions, Group exhibition by 10 artists, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai
Follow Me!, Contemporary Chinese Art at the Threshold of the New Millennium, Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2004 Fotografie und Malerei aus Beijing, Chongqing und Shanghai, Galerie Karin Sachs, Munich, Germany
Shanghai Modern, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich, Germany
Dial 62761232 (Express Delivery Exhibition), Contemporary Art Exhibition, BizArt, Shanghai
Zheng Guogu, Zhao Bandi, Shi Yong, ShanghART Fuxing Park, Shanghai
China Moon, Watermill Summer Benefit 2004, Watermill Center, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.
All Under Heaven, Ancient and Contemporary Chinese Art the Collection of the Ullens Foundation, Koninklijk Museum, Antwerpen, Belgium
Zooming into Focus (SAM), Chinese Contemporary Photography and Video from the Haudenschild Collection, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
Beyond Boundaries, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai
Zooming into Focus (Singapore), Chinese Contemporary Photography and Video from the Haudenschild Collection, Earl Lu Gallery, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore
Zooming into Focus (Tijuana), Chinese Contemporary Photography from the Haudenschild Collection, Cultural Tijuana, Tijuana, Mexico
2003 Open Sky, Grand Opening of Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
Return Nature Ⅱ:Pastoral, An Exhibition of International Contemporary Art, Shenghua Arts Center, Nanjing
Return Nature I: Trojan Horse—An Exhibition of International Contemporary Art, Shenghua Arts Center, Nanjing
A Strange Heaven, Contemporary Chinese Photography, Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech
Beijing Chongqing Shanghai Photography from Beijing and Shanghai, Karin Sachs Gallery, Muchen, Germany
Junction: Architectural Experiment of Chinese Contemporary Art, Shanghai Lianyang Architecture Art Museum, Shanghai
Different Choice, The Invited Exhibition of the Shanghai 60's Artists, Bandao Gallery, Shanghai
Left Wing, An exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art, Left Bank Community, Beijing
City - net Asia, 2003, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
Zooming into Focus (San Diego), Chinese Contemporary Photography from the Haudenschild Collection, University Gallery of San Diego State University, San Diego, U.S.A.
2002 Synthetic Reality, Video & image works show of Chinese Artist, East Modern Art Center, Beijing
Golden Harvest, Museum of the Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia
Quick Look!, Shanghai Zhejiang Jiangsu Anhui Contemporary Art Exhibition, Consulate General of Switzerland, Shanghai
Daydream, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing Museum, Nanjing
Too Much Flavor Mirage, Contemporary Art Exhibition, 3H Art Center, Shanghai
XXV Bienal de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Media and Art, Chinese International Exhibition Center, Beijing
Money and Value, The Last Taboo, Switzerland
4th Shanghai Biennale, Urban Creation, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai
24:30 Contemporary Art Exhibition, BizArt, Shanghai
2001 Living in Time, 29 Contemporary Artists from China, National galerie im Hamburger Bahnhof Museum fuer Gegenwartskunst, Berlin, Germany
Polypolis, Art from Asian Pacific Megacities, Hamburger Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Germany
Unpacking Europe, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2000 2000 China-Korea-Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Changning Culture and Art Centre, Shanghai
Leaving the Island, Busan International Art Festival, Busan, Korea
Looking out / Looking in, Art Show 2, East Quad Art Gallery, University of Michigan, U.S.A.
Exit, Chisenhale Gallery, London, UK
1999 Food for Though: An Insight in Chinese Contemporary Art, Canvas world art/Canvas Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Art for Sale, Shanghai Plaza, Shanghai
Looking Out/ Looking In, Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition, Plug In Contemporary Art Centre, Winnipeg, Canada
Cities on the Move 4, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
Cities on the Move 5, Hayward Gallery, London, U.K.
CAPPING, Contemporary Art Exhibition, Sohyang Gallery, Pusan, Korea
The Third Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
Cities on the Move 6, Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland
BM99, Bienal da Maya, Maya Art Center, Portugal
1998 Jiangnan: Modern and Contemporary Art from South of the Yangzi River, Vancouver, Canada
1997 Honorable Mention Award to go to Vermont Studio Center for Art Exchange, Vermont, U.S.A.
New Asia, New City, New Art, 97 Chinese-Korean Contemporary Art Exhibition, Changing Culture and Art Centre, Shanghai
Cities on the Move 1, Exhibition of Asian Art, Secession, Vienna, Austria
Cities on the Move 2, CAPC, Musee d' Art Contemporain, Bordeaux, France
Cities on the Move 3, PS1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, U.S.A.
Demonstration of Video Art '97 China, Gallery of Central Academy of Fine Art, Beijing
1996 Shanghai Fax: Let's Talk about Money, International Fax Art Exhibition, Shanghai Huashan Professional School of Art Gallery, Shanghai
In the Name of Art, Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai
Passing the Plane-The Media Exhibition by Six Artists, Guangzhou
Existence and Environment the Chinese Way, The first Academic Exhibition of Chinese Contenporary Art, The Art Museum of Capital Normal University, Beijing
1995 Not Here Not There, Two Visiting Installation Artists from Shanghai, Access Artist Run Center, Vancouver, Canada
45 Degrees as a Reason, Conceptual Collaboration Work Organized by Geng Jianyi with Artists from Hangzhou-Shanghai-Beijing, Artist`s Private Home, Shanghai; Beijing; Hangzhou
1994 The 3nd Modern Chinese Art Research Documents Exhibition (Installation-Environment-Performance), East China Normal University, Shanghai
The First Hanmo New Art Exhibition, Hanmo Art Center, Beijing
Agreed to the Date 26 Nov.1994 as a Reason, Conceptual Collaboration Work with Artists from Hangzhou-Shanghai-Beijing, Artist Apartment, Shanghai; Hangzhou; Beijing
1993 Two Attitudes Toward Identity 93, Qian Weikang & Shi Yong Installation Works Show, Gallery of Shanghai Huashan Art Vocational School, Shanghai
1992 92 China Art Exhibition, Beijing People Culture Center, Beijing

Projects (All | Selected)

Museo Sa Bassa Blanca, Mallorca, Spain
UCCA Foundation, Beijing
M+Collection, Hong Kong
White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection, Sydney, Australia
Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, Mexio
Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangdong
Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City, Mexico
Wemhöner Collection, Herford, Germany
Hammer Museum, Gift of the Haudenschild Collection, Los Angeles, U.S.A.


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