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b. 1965, works and lives in Shanghai
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Zhang Enli’s Embracing of Space, Philippe Pirotte, 2020
Degeneration Theory: It All Starts with the Spine Zhang Enli's Theater of Times and Psychology, Han Bo, 2020
The Waking Dream, Gregor Muir, 2017
Of Trees and Objects - A Dialogue on Painting between Monica Dematte and Zhang Enli, 2016
Zhang Enli, Philippe Pirotte, 2015
Zhang Enli - OCAT Xian , 2015
Zhang Enli, Puhong, 2015
Painting Space, Gregor Muir, 2015
The Perception of Grey Tone, Zhang Qing, 2011
Two Chapters on Painting by ZHANG Enli, GU Zheng, 2011
Zhang Enli - Through Trees To Sky, Chris Moore, 2010
Artforum Review on Zhang Enli (2009,Oct), 2009
Giving life to old water buckets, beds, toilets - on Zhang Enli in Shanghai Daily, Wang Jie , 2008
Zhang Enli Paintings on Presence, Sine Bepler, 2007
A Solitary Voyeur of the Quotidian, Yale Yin, 2007
Things and Spaces, Philippe Pirotte, 2007
Some Thoughts from Zhang Enli , Zhang Enli , 2007
A short text about Zhang Enli , Yang Fudong, 2006
Zhang Enli, Wang Lili, 2006
A short Text about Zhang Enli , Francesco Bonami & Sarah Consulich Canarutto, 2006
A Short Text about Zhang Enli, Gregor Muir, 2006
Canto in Tenebris, Li Xu, 2005
Loudness of Cities or Towns, Feng Boyi, 2004
Human, Too Human, Monica Dematte, 2004
Zhang Enli: The Poetic Criticism of Meat, Dao Zi, 2000
Interview with Zhang Enli, Hans Ulrich Obrist, 2009
Conversation about Art between Laure Zhou and Zhang Enli, Laure Zhou, 2008
Somethings Related to Art - Dialogue Between Xu Ke and Zhang Enli, Xu Ke, 2008
Space Project in 'Objectif_exhibition' Antwerp, SUN Jin, 2010
Art and Theater - A Conversation with ZHANG Enli, QIAO Zhibing and Azure WU Wei, Azure WU Wei, 2014


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