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b. 1966, works and lives in Shanghai
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About Zhou Tiehai Civilization - Excerpts from Joan Kee: Why Chinese Paintings Are So Large, 2013
Zhou Tiehai's Desserts - Le Ministre, Chris Moore, 2011
Museum of Contemporary Art - Zhou Tiehai, Xhingyu Chen, 2010
About the artist, 2010
“DESSERTS”: Art and Greediness , Margo Renisio, 2010
Zhou Tiehai: Desserts - MoCA Shanghai Solo Exhibition, Chris Moore, 2010
Laughter from the Deep Sea - Talking About Zhou Tiehai's "Artology", Huang Liaoyuan, 2010
Dialogue with the West - A Political Message from Avant-Garde Artists in Shanghai, Li Cheng and Lynn T. White III, 2010
Recherché - Wanted - Zhou Tiehai's desserts (Judge, Diplomat, Minister etc), Elisa Cousseran, 2009
The Real Thing - Contemporary Art from China, TATE Liverpool, 2007
Recherche-Ministre/Judge/Diplomate - translated from the original text in French, 2007
Mr. Camel, the most faithful portrait of Shanghai today - On Zhou Tiehai's work, Hou Hanru, 2006
How Joe Camel put a man named Zhou in spotlight?, David Barboza, 2006
Chinese Artist Zhou Tiehai Proves the Emperor Is Naked, By David Barboza | The New York Times, 2006
The Art of Zhou Tiehai, Fang Zengxian, 2006
Zhou Tiehai, Harald Szeemann, 2006
Zhou Tiehai, Wu Penghui, 2006
Zhou Tiehai: Ego, Frederic Le Gourierec, 2006
A Short Text about Zhou Tiehai - from "Infinite Painting - Contemporary Painting and Global Realism, Francesco Bonami & Sarah Consulich Canarutto, 2006
An Other History - The Artistry of Zhou Tiehai, Zhang Qing, 2006
"On the Edge: Contemporary Chinese Artists Encounter the West" - Talk at Stanford University, USA, Zhou Tiehai, 2006
Zhou Tiehai, Shanghai and Globalisation , Eleonora Battiston , 2006
Stars of the 80's - Placebo - Tonic, Zhou Tiehai, 2005
Contemporary Chinese Artists Encounter the West, Zhou Tiehai, 2005
That is to say: Nowhere, James Panero, 2002
Zhou Tiehai, Hou Hanru, 2002
'The New York Times' review of Zhou Tiehai "the artist isn t here" , Holland Cotter, 2001
The Strategy Behind the Artist's Self-Portrait "ZHOU Tiehai", DIRK LUCKOW, 2000
Project by Zhou Tiehai for ART 31 BASEL - ART UNLIMITED, 2000
Lecture by Zhou Tiehai - Placebo-Swiss at Hara Museum, Zhou Tiehai, 2000
Don't worry about making mistakes, Grace Fan, 1999
Modern art in Shanghai during the 1990s, Xia Wei, 1999
Zhou Tiehai (Venice Biennale Catalogue), Monica Dematte, 1999
Zhou Tiehai, David C. Robinson, 1999
On Zhou Tiehai, Karen Smith, 1999
CCAA Comment about Zhou Tiehai, Harald Szeemann, 1998
A Reminder , Zhou Tiehai, 1998
The Artist as a Young Man-Ambivalent, Stephanie Tasch, 1998
The Artist is on the Cover, Mishi Saran, 1998
WILL - A Silent Movie by Zhou Tiehai, Zhou Tiehai, Zhang Qing , 1996
Zhou Tiehai, Hou Hanru, 1996
Dessert-Le juge - translated from the original text in French, 2013
Dessert-Le ministre - translated from the original text in French, 2013
Dessert-Le diplomate - translated from the original text in French, 2013
Dessert-Le Sabotajnik - text in French, 2008
Dessert-La caroleuse - text in French, 2008
Tonic, 2006
Libertas, Dei te Servent!, Zhou Tiehai, 2003
New Listing, Zhou Tiehai, Rises On Debut Before Reaching Fair Value - (Press Conference), Zhou Tiehai, 1997
Stolen treasures from modern China - (book Introduction), 2009
The camel in shades comes to Bund 18 - From Shanghai Daily, Wang Jie, 2007


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