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b. 1969, works and lives in Surakarta, Indonesia

1969 Born in Surakarta, Indonesia

2016 Ph.D - Artistic Research / Art as Practice, Institute of the Arts Surakarta, Indonesia
2001 -2002 MA - Performance Art (Supervisor: Prof. Marina Abramovic), Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste, Braunschweig, Germany
1994 -2001 Degree in Fine Art - Performance Art and Sculpture (Supervisors: Prof. Anzu Furukawa and Prof. Marina Abramovic), Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste Braunschweig, Germany
1993 Degree in International Relations Studies, Faculty of Political and Sociol Sciences, Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung, Indonesia

Solo Exhibitions (All | Selected)
2018 Melati Suryodarmo: I Love You, ShanghART Beijing, Beijing
Melati Suryodarmo: Transaction of Hollows, Live Performance, ShanghART Singapore, Singapore
Melati Suryodarmo: TIMORIBUS, ShanghART Singapore, Singapore
2016 “Melati Suryodarmo” Solo Exhibition, Il Ponte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy
Amnesia-solo performance and exhibition, galerie Ark, Jogyakarta, Indonesia
2015 Melati Suryodarmo’s Video Works, Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia (CACSA), Adelaide, Australia
2012 I am a ghost in my own house, Lawangwangi Art foundation, Bandung, Indonesia
Acts of Indecency, Art Dept, VWFA Jakarta, Indonesia
2008 Solitaire, Valentine Willie Fine Arts at Annexe, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2006 Loneliness in the Boundaries, Cemeti Art House Jogjakarta, Indonesia
2002 The Promise, Gallerie Gedok, Stuttgart, Germany

Group Exhibitions (All | Selected)
2019 Contemporary Worlds: Indonesia, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia
Arus Balik - From below the wind to above the wind and back again, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore
Reinventing Eve, ISA Art Advisory
+63 | +62, Silverlens
2018 Solo International Performing Arts Festival, Kota Budaya, Solo, Indonesia
undisclosed territory #11, Studio Plesungan, Solo, Indonesia
2017 Reanacting History: Collective Actions and Everyday Gestures, National Museum of Contemporary Art Korea, Gwacheon, South Korea
SUNSHOWER: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now, National Art Centre Tokyo, Mori Art Museum,Tokyo; ,Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
Political Acts, AsiaTopa, Melbourne Art Center, Melbourne, Australia
2016 Your Otherness, I’ve never been so East, Hexentanz Festival, Sophiensale, Berlin
Tomorrow as Purposed, Indonesian Dance Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia
Undisclosed Territory#10, Studio Plesungan, Surakarta, Indonesia
In Silence, Pearl Lam Gallery, Singapore
Paper Trail - South East Asia Works on Paper, Galery Sangkring, Jigyakarta, Indonesia
After Works, Para-Site, Hongkong
Costume National : Contemporary Art from Indonesia, Gallerie SAW, Ottawa, Canada
Transaction of Hollows, Lilith Performance Studio Residency , Malmo, Sweden
Behind the Light, Singapore Biennale, SAM Singapore
2015 East Asia Feminism: FANTasia, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
undisclosed territory #9, Studio Plesungan, Solo, Indonesia
Sisyphus, a dance piece choerographed and directed by Melati Suryodarmo, De SIngel, Antwerp, Belgium
Sisyphus, a dance piece choerographed and directed by Melati Suryodarmo, Frankfurt Lab, Frankfurt, Germany
The 8th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT8), Qagoma, Brisbane, Australia
I See You See Me, Treshold Gallery, New Delhi, Indiea
5th Guangzhou Trienial and 1st Asia Bienial, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Oz Asia Festival, Adelaide, Australia
Tokyo International Performing Arts Meeting, Yokohama, Japan
ArtJog 2015, In FLux, Yogjakarta, Indonesia
2014 APB Foundation Signature Art Prize, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
undisclosed territory #8, Studio Plesungan, Solo, Indonesia
Indonesian Dance Festival 2014, Teater Kecil Taman ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Indonesia
Marina Abramovic Performance Exhibition, Fondation Beyeler, Basel, Switzerland
The Roving Eye: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia, Arter, Istanbul, Turkey
Domestication, Kayu, Lucie Fontane Foundation, Bali, Indonesia
Sensorium 360°, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
ArtJog 2014, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Video Art at Loop, Loop, Casa Asia, Barcelona, Spain
Fokus+Indonesia, Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie, Szcezin, Poland
K.R.O.P.P, Uppsala Konsert & Kongress, Uppsala, Sweden
China Festival, Haus am Ufer HAU 2, Berlin, Germany
Medium at Large, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
Today and Tomorrow: Indonesia Contemporary Art, Yallay Galery, Hongkong
2013 Market Forces: The Friction of Opposites, Osage Gallery, Hong Kong
Undisclosed Territory #7, Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo, Indonesia
Gambar idoep- video art exhibition, Galeri Semarang, Semarang, Indonesia
Development, TNS Foundation, Gdansk, Poland
ArtJog 2013, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesiai
Slapstick, Kunst Museum Wolfsburg, Germany
Re-act feminism #2, Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, Spanien; Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Deutschland
Die auf dem Boden Liegenden, liegen gelassen - The lying on the floor, abandoned to lie, Künstlervereinigung MAERZ, Linz, Austria
Pressing, Fondazzione @videoinsight, Turin, Italy
2012 undisclosed territory #6, Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo, Indonesia
Transart 2012 Festival, MAS Museum Ötztal, Bolzano, Italy
Homoludens, Galeri Emmitan, Surabaya, Indonesia
Taiping Tianguo, Parasite and Spring Workshop, Hongkong
Performance Platform Lubiln 2012, Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland
Insight, Kuntraum, Vaduz, Lichtenstein
Luminato Festival, Koerner Hall RCM, Toronto
Flow, Gallery Michael Janssen, Berlin, Germany
domestic stuffs, Galeri Salihara, Jakarta; Cemeti Art House Yogyakarta
ZEITGEIST, Galeri Seni Bataviasche Kunstkring, Jakarta
Reclaim.doc, Jakarta National Gallery, Jakarta
re.act.feminism #2, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević in Zagreb, Croatia, Museet for Samtidskunst Roskilde, Denmark; Galerija Miroslav Kraljević Zagreb, Croatia; Instytut Sztuki Wyspa Gdańsk, Poland; Tallinna Kunstihoone Tallinn, Estonia
Beyond the Self, McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Langwarrin, Victoria; the Anne and Gordon Samstag Museum of Art, Adelaide, Australia
2011 Bienalle Jogja XI, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Beyond Pressure IV performance art festival, Yangoon and Mandalay, Myanmar
Beyond the East: Indonesian Contemporary Art, Museo d‘arte Contemporanea Roma, Rome, Italy
Performance Hautnah, Kunstlerforum, Bonn, Germany
Performance I Bibliotek, Kunstbanken Hedmark Kunstsenter, Hamar, Norway
Kunst Hier und Jetzt, Algemeine Konsumverein, Braunschweig, Germany
re.act Feminism vol.ll, Centro Cultural Montehermoso, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
Between Sky and Sea III, Hergla Island, Norway
hijacking TV, Gallery Salihara, Jakarta
Beyond the Self, Contemporary Portraiture from Asia, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia
Passionate Pilgrim, Villa Tobler, Zürich, Switzerland
Absence, Manila Contemporary, Manila, the Philippines
Almost There, World Dance Day Festival, at Teater Besar Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta, Indonesia
A Feather Fell down from the Silence, R.I.T.E.S, Substation, Singapore
Negotiating Home, Hitory and Nation, Two Decades of Contemporary Art from South East Asia 1991 - 2010, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
Undisclosed Territory#5, Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo Indonesia
Performance Art Laboratory (PALA) Projec, Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo Indonesia
2010 International Theater Festival, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Bern Biennale, Haus der Universität, Bern, Switzerland
Passionate Pilgrim, Alcantara Festival, Lisabon, Portugal
Lilith Performance event, Lilith Performance Studio, Malmoe, Sweden
Grenzart, Kirschau, Germany
Asian Body festival, Moderna Dans Teatern, Stockholm
Passionate Pilgrim, Maisson des Arts de Schaerbek, Brussels
trouble-festival, Les Halles, Brussels
Indonesian Contemporary art Showcase, Art Paris - Grand Palais, Paris
Undisclosed territory #4, Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo, Indonesia
PALA Project 2010, Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo, Indonesia
Mobilized Performance Series, Mobius, Boston, MA, USA
2009 On the Way, Artrend, Taipeh, Taitung (Dulan), Kaoshiung, Tainan
Asiatopia 11th, Bangkok Center for Art and Culture, Bangkok, Thailand
Kunstbanken, Kunsthalle, Hamar, Norway
International Incheon Women Artists Biennale, Incheon, South Korea
European Performance Art Festival, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw
Farewell Angel, Lilith Performance Studio, Malmoe, Sweden
International Performance Art Festival, Turbinen Halle, Giswill, Switzerland
East West Project, Platform Art, Bbeyond, Belfast, Northern Ireland
East West Project, Kaskaden Kondensator,Basel, Switzerland
CUT - South East Asian Contemporary Photography, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila
Art of the Encountering, Gebläser Halle, Ilsede and Hildesheim, Germany
Marina Abramovic Presents…, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester International Art Festival, Manchester, UK
InTransit 09, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
Momentum, Le Bain Connective, Brussel
Performance Art Laboratory Project 2009, Bali, Indonesia
undisclosed territory#3- performance art event, Indonesia
Pathological Aesthetic, HAN, Nijmegen, Holland
2008 Ex-teresa Arte Actual, International Performance Art Festival, Mexico City, Mexico
Intimate Strangers, Brussels
Asiatopia 10 – international performance art festival, Bangkok
Future Of Imagination 5, Sculpture Square, Singapore
ZOOM performance Art Festival, IPAH, St. Jacobi Kirsche, Hildesheim
Memorabilia,performance project, TBS, Solo, Indonesia
Between Sky and Sea-II, Herdla Island, Norway
Tanz im August/sommer.bar, Podewil, Berlin, Germany
Sincere Subject, SIGIARTS Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Emerging discourse- performance mimicry II, Bodhiart, New York City
Manifesta7, Ex-Alumix, Bolzano, Italy
Friktioner, City Gallery, Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala, Sweden
MADE Festival, Nordlandsoperan, Umea, Sweden
undisclosed territory#2, Padepokan Lemah Putih Solo, Indonesia
2007 Perception of Patterns in Timeless Influence, Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö, Sweden
eBent 07 Festival, off*ample, Passage de la Paz, Barcelona
Insomnia, Nuit Blanche, Le Gènerateur, Paris
Performance Intermedia, Sczecin, Poland and Berlin
The Curtain Opens: Indonesian Women Artists, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
Anti Aging, Gaya Fusion Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
Erotic Body, Venice Biennale Dance Festival, Venice, Italy
15th Performance art Conference, Bali, Indonesia
undisclosed territory,performance art event, Solo, Indonesia
(N)ever Mind, Video Exhibition, Viavia, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Wind from the East - Perspectives on Asian Contemporary Art, National Gallery/Museum of Contemporary art, KIASMA, Finland
2006 Gifted Generation, HAU1 Hebbel Theater, Berlin, German
Deformed Ethic of a Relationship 3.0, Depot, Dortmund
Accione 06, Madrid, Spain
Deformed Ethic of a Relationship 1.0, Galerieturm, Helmstedt
Gipfeltreff, Kaskaden Kondensator, Basel, Switzerland
Exergie – Butter Dance, Goethe Institut, Jakarta, Indonesia
Exergie-butter dance, Performance Space, Sydney, Australia
Disposal on Arrival- Indonesian Contemporary Arts, Grace exhibition Space, New York, USA
2005 Räume und Schatten, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
Kunst Forum Berlin, Art.es, Berlin
15th International Electronic Art Festival – Video Brasil, Sao Paolo, Brasil
19th Festival Grad Teatar Budva, Budva, Serbia and Montenegro
Navigate – live art, BALTIC & Stubnitz, Gateshead Newcastle, UK
La Galleria dell’ Amore, Galleria Civica Trento, Italy
Gifted Generation, HAU1 Hebbel Theater Berlin, Germany
International Performance Festival Salzau, Schloss Salzau, Germany
Retrospective of the work of Egon Schiele – the SHELF”,
Retrospective of the work of Egon Schiele – the SHELF, in collaboration with Marina Abramovic, Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Holland
Der Sekundentraum, opening of Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Wüttembergischem Kunstverein Stuttgart, Germany
2004 Nude with skeleton, MARTa Herford, Germany
Retrospective, Galerie der HBK Braunschweig, Germany
7a*11d, International Performance Art Festival, Toronto, Canada
Leidenschaft Junge Kunst, Allgemeine Konsum Verein, Braunschweig
FAXE KONDI- unzipped time, Gallery Futura, Prague, Czech Republik
Cleaning The House -performance Loop, NMAC Foundation, Jerez Dela Frontera, Spain
RISK, Landesmuseum Braunschweig, Braunschweig
2003 4th International Performance Festival Odense, Odense
Live Art brrr, Teatro Carlos Alberto/Teatro Nacional de São joão, Porto Portugal
Student Body, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, Galicia, Spain
Performance in der Kunsthalle, Fridericianum , Kassel
Performance art NRW 2003, Healing Theater, Köln
Recycling the future, Venice Biennale, Italy
As soon as possible, PAC Milano, Italy
Performance Art Nord Rhein Westfalen, Maschinenhaus, Essen
2002 Body Power Power Play, Wüttenbergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
Braunschweiger Kulturnacht, LOT Theater, Braunschweig, Germany
Pret â Perform, Gallery Via Farini, Milano, Italy
Body Basic, Trans art 02, Franzenfestung, Brixen, Italy
Common Ground, Landesvertretungshaus Niedersachsen –Schleswig Holstein, Berlin
2001 Festa dell´arte, Aquario diroma, Rome, Italy
Marking the territory, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland
Get That Balance, National Sculpture Factory, Opera House, Cork, Ireland
A little bit of History Repeated, Kunst Werke, Berlin
Indonesian Live Art, Gallerie Mein Blau, Berlin
Polysonneries, 2nd International Performance Festival, Lyon, France “von weiß-rosa zu rot“, Luther Turm, Cologne
Fingerspitzengefühle, Galerie der Stadt Sindelfingen
2000 Performance Passing Through, Gedok, Stuttgart
Anableps, Galery Miscetti, Rome, Italy
ins, Maximillian Forum, Munich
Visible Differences - an event, Hebbel Theater, Berlin
“Spot + Places“Performance Congress, Healing Theater, Cologne
1999 Fresh Air, E-Werk, Weimar
Performance Festival Odense, Odense, Danmark
Cardiff Art in Time, UWIC, Cardiff, Wales, GB
Unfinished Business, Gallery am Lützow Platz, Berlin
Braunschweiger Kulturnacht, LOT Theater, Braunschweig
1998 Finally, Kunstverein Hannover, Hannover
1997 Braunschweiger Kulturnacht, FBZ, Braunschweig
1996 Dance Performance “Kashya-kashya Muttiku“, FBZ, Braunschweig
1988 various dance and theatre performances in Indonesia and Germany, Indonesia, Germany

Projects (All | Selected)
2019 D-LAP #3 / DANCE IN ASIA, Studio Plesugan, Solo, Indonesia
2018 Artist in the Studio, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore
Recollections. Experiences. Communities., Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin, Germany
2017 Jakarta Biennale 2017, Artistic Director, Jakarta
Performance series, MACAN, Jakarta
June, Helat Tari, Salihara, Jakarta
Eurphalia Festival, Belgium
2015 Double Dance, Dare!, Workshop for dance and performance art, Saski Kirana Dance Camp, Bandung, Indonesia
Project House Club, HAU3, Hebbel Am Ufer , Berlin
2014 Project House Club, China Festival, HAU2, Hebbel Am Ufer , Berlin
2013 Pseudopartisipatif Project, Cemeti Art House, Jogjakarta, Indonesia
Performance Art Workshop “beetwen the space”, Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre, Bangkok, Thailand
2012 P_LAP, a performance Laboratory Project, Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo, Indonesia; Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland
Performance art wokshop II, Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo, Indonesia; Galeria Labirynt, Lublin, Poland
2011 Residency at Manila Contemporary, Manila, the Philipines
Performance art wokshop I, Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo, Indonesia
2010 Workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts - University of Umeå, Sweden IASPIS Residency in Umea and Saxnas, Sweden,
2008 Workshop at the ZOOM Inetrnational performance art Festival, Hildesheim, Germany
2007 Artist in Studio, Lilith Performance Studio, Malmö, Swedia
“Flying Circus Project” – Travelogue – Superintense- Singapore- Ho Chi Minh City, Theatreworks, Singapore
2006 Residency at Grace exhibition Space, Grace exhibition Space, New York, USA
2005 Focusing the Day, Project with youths in Berlin, HKW Berlin
2001 Lullaby for the ancestors, LOT Theater, Braunschweig, Germany
1999 Der Sekundentraum, Healing Theater, Cologne, Germany


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